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Commercial Grade Buildings
Commercial Buildings

Commercial Grades

From a single carport to a double, fully enclosed garage, our 12’ - 24’ wide units are the most economical and highest quality units on the market. Our carports and garages are manufactured from the highest quality materials to provide long lasting, maximum protection for your cars, trucks, RV’s, boats and any other property that may need protection from the elements. Our garages are pest, fire and rot resistant, creating a clean, no hassle workshop or storage

Storage Buildings/Combo Units

We also offer a variety of options with our carports. On both the standard type and the A-frame type, the carport comes with a Standard Horizontal Roof. The roof panels run parallel to the side of the carport. With our A-frame with Boxed Eave products, you can choose to have the panels installed vertically at an additional charge. You should consider purchasing additional panels to the side of your carport to keep the blowing rain off of your vehicles or equipment. Also consider the addition of gable ends to your carport, especially if you are placing the carport near your home. It makes the carport stronger and it has a much nicer curb appeal.

Vertical Roof and sides
Garages/Multiple Options


Carport Master, has a wide selection of standard garage sizes, which are suitable for most of our customers. We can also create custom garages. Please call for a quote!

Vertical Sides Barn
Horse Barns/Different styles/Multiple Options​

Three barn styles; Horse Barn, Carolina Barn and Seneca Barn. Designed with 3 sections combined to make units up to 64’ Wide, our widest selection available (not clear span). Three sections ranging from: 12 Wide Lean To – 12 Wide Center Unit – 12 Wide Lean To 12 Wide Lean To – 40 Wide Center Unit – 12 Wide Lean To (Center units from 12’ Wide – 40’ Wide, Lean To units 12’ Wide). Barns are perfect for livestock, farm machinery, feed and storage. Our three barn styles are professionally installed in less time than traditional wood barns, last longer and reduce overall costs.

Carport Vertical Roof

Carports/Regular, Boxed Eave,Vertical Roof

All of the three carport styles are engineered to provide the coverage you need while maintaining a more traditional looking roof line to compliment your property/home

RV Covers

RV Cover

They allow us to reach heights our standard and triple wide's cannot. This innovative design with dual leg posts and base-rails, along with braces and center welded peak braces gives the RV Cover the rigidity and strengtht needed to stand up to mother nature. With a maximum leg high of 14' tall, you can feel confident your RV or Motor Home will fit without a problem.

Metal Stables

Custom  stable buildings, you design it, and we build it for you. all kind of sizes and models ,according to your necessities. 

Just ask for a free quote, and you will have your building within three weeks or less, from the moment you place the order.

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